Story of Voice Metrics

In 1993, Stuart Crane and his business partner scraped up $400 and co-founded a software company, CPR+, that ultimately became the dominant enterprise system used by the Specialty Pharmacy market, a $100B+ industry providing high-tech pharmaceuticals to patients in the home.  After 20+ years of building software, growing the B2B business, making acquisitions, and learning a ton about metrics and measuring business performance, that company, CPR+, was sold in 2013 by Stuart and his partner for $43M, in a comprehensive industry roll-up by a large private-equity backed healthcare software company.

CPR+ was built and run by constantly measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and other valuable business information.  Over those 20 years, the company’s KPIs and metrics were refined and monitored – delivered to the executives, management team, and key staff via various methods: spreadsheets, PDF reports, emails, custom dashboards, large-screen TV’s around the office, real-time alerts, and so on.  Additionally, the CPR+ software product contained hundreds of reports and metrics-related data points for pharmacies to take action on.  Unfortunately, these metrics could NOT be delivered via a voice assistant such as Alexa, Google, Siri, or Cortana.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Stuart has created Voice Metrics, an API-based service that allows ANY BUSINESS to access their KPI’s, metrics, and important company information, JUST BY ASKING.  While dashboards, spreadsheets, and even email attachments will still have their place to help a business succeed, the ability to get key business metrics any time, any place, without logging in or even touching a device, has been Stuart’s vision since the advent of Siri, and now Alexa and Google Assistant.

Stuart’s team has built a platform that allows businesses to easily interface whatever business information they want into a REST API, and then access that information via a simple voice query, such as “What were Sales Yesterday?”, or “How many orders?”, or, our most popular, “Give me my Briefing”, which reads off a comprehensive briefing of the most valuable information and key numbers.

If Stuart had created Voice Metrics back in the CPR+ days, he would have used it every day – and not only by his own company, but by integrating Voice Metrics into the company’s software products for use by professionals in the healthcare sector that they served.  SaaS companies now have a huge opportunity to get Voice Metrics, and use it not only for themselves as a smart business move, but to add Voice Metrics into their own offerings – essentially “voice activating” their product, and showing their customers and their niche market an amazing new way to monitor their numbers and always stay up-to-date.

Voice Metrics is the next obvious way to access business information – our goal is to voice-enable the business of data!